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Frequently asked questions

How long do these appliances last?

Under normal circumstances the appliances generally last 2-5 years, but many will last longer than 5 years. Under Medicare, patients are eligible to recieve a new device every 5 years, and every 3 years under most private-payer insurance.

What percentage of people find the appliance to be effective?

If the problem is snoring only, the appliance is effective in approximately 85% - 90% of patients. When treating apnea, the appliance is 60% - 80% effective, depending on the severity of the apnea. The appliance tends to be more effective for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea although we have had success in treating numerous cases of severe apnea.

How do you confirm the effectiveness of the oral appliance?

Once your dentist has worked with you to determine the optimal position of the device, patients with moderate or severe sleep apnea must have a follow-up sleep study while using the oral appliance to confirm the effectiveness of the device. Following the sleep study, a consultation with the sleep medicine physician will be necessary to discuss the results.

Does my insurance cover appliance treatment?

Since insurance plans vary widely, we work with all of our patients to help them obtain the maximum reimbursement from their insurance carrier allowed by their plan. Most insurance companies have coverage for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea with an oral appliance. We will send information to your insurance company regarding your situation to request a verification of benefits prior to treatment.

How long does it take to adapt to the oral appliance?

95% of patients will adapt to the appliance within 2-7 days. It will take a few days to adapt to having a device in your mouth during sleep. If the appliance causes any soreness in the teeth or jaw after initial use, we can easily adjust it for your comfort.

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